Author: Alain Rouleau

Fracture systems controls on fluid flow in the regional sedimentary rock aquifer system of Montérégie Est, southern Québec, Canada
Pierre Ladevèze, Marc Laurencelle, René Lefebvre, Alain Rouleau, Heather Crow, Christine Rivard (GeoMontréal 2013)

Detecting preferential seepage along casings installed in fractured rock aquifers
Sandra K. Richard, Romain Chesnaux, Alain Rouleau (GeoMontréal 2013)

Regional assessment of composite groundwater parameters, illustrated by the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, including methods and limitations
Julien Walter, Alain Rouleau, Romain Chesnaux (GeoMontréal 2013)

Soil-structure interaction uncertainties and their effects on the development of building vulnerability functions in subsidence regions
Ali Saeidi, Alain Rouleau, Olivier Deck, Thierry Verdel (GeoRegina 2014)

Determining hydrofacies in granular deposits of the Valin River paleodelta in the Saguenay region, Quebec
Lamine Boumaiza, Alain Rouleau, Pierre A. Cousineau (GeoOttawa 2017)

Probabilistic evaluation of the effect of open stope geometrical parameters on the rock mass brittle damage
Shahriyar Heidarzadeh, Ali Saeidi, Alain Rouleau (GeoOttawa 2017)

Combining shallow hydrogeological characterization with borehole data for determining hydrofacies in the Valin River paleodelta
Lamine Boumaiza, Alain Rouleau, Pierre A. Cousineau (GeoSt. John's 2019)

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